Wednesday, March 04, 2015

"Ugly Turn."

Even with his sword drawn, I don't like Zemo's odds against the Black Widow. Crossbones, though...Cross is bad news. Coincidentally, he just showed up in Amazing X-Men, one of several bad guys gunning for the Crimson Gem of Cytorrak. ("Who Wants to be the Juggernaut?" might've been a better title for that arc...) He's a villain I like in that he has very few redeeming features: no heel-face turn coming for him, then.
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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Somehow, the next issue wasn't Captain America versus the Hulk.

I had a guess, but it took a couple minutes for me to confirm Ronald Reagan was the President that pardoned the Hulk, in Incredible Hulk #278. I have to wonder if anyone gave Reagan any crap for this...

From 1976, Incredible Hulk #206, "A Man-Brute Berserk!" Written by Len Wein, art by Sal Buscema and Joe Staton, with a cover by Dave Cockrum. In the previous issue, during a battle with the bank robber calling himself Crypto-Man, the Hulk's love interest Jarella was killed while saving a little boy's life. Although fairly well-behaved of late, the Hulk loses it, and rampages towards New York City, intent on getting some help for Jarella from Dr. Strange. Yeah, that conversation is not gonna go well; but before that Hulk first takes out some jets in the desert, then helicopters at the Statue of Liberty, where he rips the torch and hand off to throw at them! (All the pilots parachute to safety, G.I. Joe style.)

The Hulk camps out in front of Strange's house, but the defensive spells therein prevent him from entering while Strange is out. Eventually the cops show up, but are nowhere near a match for him; and the issue ends with the Defenders confronting the Hulk. Which seems like it's going to be fights rather than hugs, but the Hulk probably isn't ready to cry it out yet. Pretty sure that's coming...
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Monday, March 02, 2015

"Her Love is Real, but He is Not."

There was a stretch on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where Buffy, going through a rough patch, becomes involved with the vampire Spike. Which I thought was kind of perfect: she could invest whatever emotions she wanted into the relationship, and if it didn't work out, well, at that point Spike was a soulless monster. (If handsome and witty!) It would be easy enough to end without feeling too hurt about it. As a defensive measure to avoid some heartache, it makes sense.

Of course, men and women do the same thing now: when they're in a relationship, their partner is perfect; when it's over they're...not. But I kinda thought the Scarlet Witch's attraction to the Vision could be explained a bit there. And we saw some time back James Robinson's conclusion to Marvel's Heroes Reborn, which featured the Marvel and Wildstorm universes smushed into one, and the Scarlet Witch involved with the android Spartan! That's just a bit of substitution, though.

This isn't the first time I've used the tagline from A.I. for a joke, and I've yet to see the movie. Still in no hurry.
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Friday, February 27, 2015

I thought she was taller, but there's already two scales here.

We'll limp to the end of this week with this one: a couple weeks back I got Funko's Game of Thrones Brienne of Tarth figure. The OAFE review there describes the actress that plays Brienne, Gwendoline Christie, as 6'3"; and the figure is a little over 6 inches. That Superman is a seven-inch DC Collectible one, though, so still taller. Anyway.

I didn't buy all the cheap GoT figures I could have, though; and I have to wonder if that decision will haunt me later. Still, I know there's a couple around I still might be able to get on the cheap, while I'm waiting for more Marvel Legends to show up. Later today I'll be hitting up Hastings and the Comic Book Shop, so we'll see what jumps out at me.
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kind of want to go back to the B-plot...

I don't know if this quite qualifies as halfway plot switch, but I kinda wanted to see this thread more than the main one! Not that the main one was bad, but still...from 2008, Hulk vs. Hercules #1, "Smash of the Titans" Written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, art by Khoi Pham, Paul Neary, Dennis Calero, Eric Nguyen, Reilly Brown, Carlos Cuevas, Terry Pallot, Chris Sotomayor, Bob Layton, and Guru EFX.

Athena is trying to advise young genius Amadeus Cho, who's lost faith in the Hulk but gained it in Herc, that maybe he shouldn't. She tells him a story, from when the Hulk was a mindless brute roaming the extra-dimensional Crossroads (and Dale just covered the last issue of that stretch the other day!) and the goddess Gaea sends him to Olympus! (Athena as much as says Gaea is crazy and spiteful, but Athena seems to badmouth just about everyone.) Ares and Athena have a run-in with the Hulk, who is taken in by the Titans Callias and Zeno, who may have been horrible monsters at one point but were beaten, pathetic, and kind of OK guys now. Still, the Titans convince the Hulk to attack Olympus, and Herc is called in to stop him...

...interrupting his Unlimited Class Wrestling match for charity at Madison Square Garden! Having trounced every super-strong wrestler on the undercard, Hercules throws down with Ben Grimm, the Thing himself! Sadly, there's not enough time this issue for the Thing's match to go on past this page. The rest of the issue goes back to Olympus, where the Titans are revolting, and Hercules goes straight to murdertown on them. Mindless but relatively innocent, the Hulk is dismayed at the carnage, and the spell he was under at the time sends the unhappy brute back to the Crossroads. Athena tells Amadeus that maybe Herc might be as much a monster as the Hulk, maybe worse; and Herc seems to scowl over at them over his drink. Also this issue: the return of Demogorge, who's apparently part of Gaea's ongoing "kill the previous gods to see what comes next" plan.

Great issue...maybe not as good as a solid issue of Hercules wrestling the Thing, but still.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I had that Zemo figure for some time before he ended up in any strips, so I'm not sure why the upswing now. But the Satana/Black Cat plot line may run a few more episodes.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This issue: Multiple fabrications! Actual paper files! And Green Lantern not being helpful. At all.

From 1973, Action Comics #429, "The Man Who Wrote Superman's Obituary!" Story by Elliot Maggin, art by Curt Swan and Bob Oksner.

When Clark Kent swings by the Daily Planet morgue (in the sense of keeping files and reference, not corpses!) to check out a file, he sneaks a quick x-ray peek at Clark Kent's file--only to find it's written in Kryptonese! It does reveal his secret identity to boot, but the Kryptonese part seems more troubling somehow. Superman checks with everyone who knows his secret identity, or at least these few, thinking someone may be playing a joke on him. Green Lantern seems not especially interested, but he may be one of the few who could do something like that: his ring would be able to write in Kryptonese, wouldn't it? Supergirl would know the language...maybe Batman or Flash could learn it real quick?

Anyway, after a story involving a telepathic prehistoric plant-man tyrant, that's a total load Superman uses to bait the trap, Supes exposes Ryan as the one behind the obit, his ticker somehow receiving a direct feed from Superman's giant Kryptonese auto-engraving diary. (Which actually seems less far-fetched today, than a morgue full of actual paper files with an actual human manning it!) Ryan had actually learned the language, but wasn't going to expose Supes or anything. If something happened to Clark Kent, the obituary would be pulled, but probably wouldn't be readable without help; and Superman would either be dead or no longer using that identity.

So most of this issue is a lie, and not a lot makes sense, but it does have Green Lantern being a jerk, so...
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